At Seguin Brewing Company we use a combination of old and new brewing techniques to bring you delicious hand crafted beer.  Driven by our passion and our taste buds, we refuse to settle for a poor product.  We hope that you'll enjoy our beer as much as we enjoy brewing it for you.  Drink local. Drink craft.

Brian Wallace (right) and Shaun Washington (left) are owners and operators of Seguin Brewing Company. 

Brian Wallace (right) and Shaun Washington (left) are owners and operators of Seguin Brewing Company. 

Meet the team at Seguin Brewing Co

Brian Wallace

Owner and Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Sales and Marketing, Chief of Branding and Business Development, Chief of Flip-Flopping and Overthinking, Asst. to the Head Janitor.

Brian is a Seguin native, and a graduate of Texas Lutheran University where he played baseball.  He later earned his Master's from Texas State University.  Brian became obsessed with brewing while coaching and teaching at TLU.  His first taste of delicious craft beer led him into home brewing.  He began with a simple all-extract Amber Ale, and even though he didn't like the final result he fell in love with the process.  The second beer he brewed was his first Honey Pecan recipe and the rest is history.

3 Favorite Beers in Order: 9-Pin Kolsch, Oktoberfest, Bock-n-Rohl

Shaun Washington

Owner and Founder, Chief of Brewing and Production, Chief of Packaging Operations, Chief of Bottle Capping, Chief of Janitorial Operations, Chief of Lifting Heavy Things, Chief of Stacking Boxes, Chief of Sampling.

Shaun is from Cypress, Texas and is a graduate from Texas Lutheran University where he was a member of the football team.  He has spent his entire professional career in food and beverage sales, and decided that he wasn't busy enough so he might as well take on another venture.  Shaun got into craft beer because he has a self-proclaimed sophisticated palate that just won't tolerate bad beer.

3 Favorite Beers in Order: Black Rye IPA, Bock-n-Rohl, Face-Plant Session IPA

Terri Nelligan-Davis

Beertender, Chief of Event Planning, Chief of Enthusiasm and Gripping Conversation

Terri is an Austin native now living in Seguin with her wicked awesome husband Chris.  Chris brings a lot of beard to the brewery, but Terri brings the most enthusiasm.  A graduate of Texas State University, Terri runs her own craft store, Rusty Pearl (@rustypearltx) and photography business when she's not creating fun in the taproom.  She is lover of dogs, Texas, summer, and hand-crafted beer.

3 Favorite Beers in Order: 9-Pin Kolsch, Freedom Fiesta, Bock-n-Rohl

Mark and Michelle Broderick

Beertenders, Chiefs Architects of Getting Shit Done

Mark and Michelle Broderick come on the same line because as of this posting they've been married for 26 years, 1 month, and 17 days, and they never work the taproom independently of each other.  True best friends, they only travel in a pair, as far as we know.  Residents of New Braunfels, Michelle is a real estate agent and Mark works for a firm in San Antonio (whatever that means).  Mark is easily identifiable by his incredible beard and intimidating demeanor, but we can assure you he's really a teddy bear.

3 Favorite Beers in Order: 9-Pin Kolsch, Honey Pecan #5, Lake Breeze Blonde

Greg Midkiff

Beertender, Chief of History, Chief of Fascinating Facts

Greg is a resident of Luling or Kingsbury, we aren't really sure but it is somewhere out there.  He currently works at Caterpillar and beertends for fun in his spare time.  He enjoys sharing historical facts about Seguin, Texas, and the world, and is a fascinating wealth of information.  Greg also assists in bringing more beard to the brewery.

3 Favorite Beers in Order: Bock-n-Rohl, Black Rye IPA, Oktoberfest

Ryan Greeson

Beertender, Chief of Maintenance, Chief of Texas Beer Market

Ryan is a resident of New Braunfels and brings a lot of beer experience to the brewery.  He probably knows more about beer and how to chug it, then the rest of the team combined.  Bringing solid beard depth to the roster, Ryan loves to talk anything beer and loves to try new flavors.  If anyone wants to know about the Texas Craft Beer Market, ask Ryan, he probably knows.

3 Favorite Beers in Order:  Black Rye IPA, Bock-n-Rohl, 9-Pin Kolsch