No One's Happy When Their Beer Runs Out....

Our limited release of Honey Pecan and Oktoberfest couldn't have gone better....... unless we would have had more to release.  In response to the demand, we are brewing and bottling more Honey Pecan, but the Oktoberfest will not be returning until next year.  There are still some Oktoberfest available at Huisache (New Braunfels) and Playoffs Sports Bar and Grill (Seguin), so get them while they last.

Our first month of official business has been filled with excitement.  The response we have gotten from retailers and the public has been extremely positive.  In an effort to match your enthusiasm for our beer, we are working to more than double the amount of retailers that carry our Honey Pecan so that you may have more places to choose from.  In addition to the increased HP#5 production we will also be releasing our next seasonal, Black Rye Reserve, right around the new year.

Black Rye Reserve is a delicious black IPA with a complex array of aromatic American hops and subtle hints of coffee.  The rye gives this big ale a silky smooth finish making it so enjoyable that your glass won't even have time to sweat.  Keep following us on Facebook and returning to our website to see updated locations, and announcements on our releases of Honey Pecan and Black Rye.  Thank you for drinking local and drinking craft.