The Brews Traveler

Craft beer has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together in good spirit in a way I haven't otherwise seen.  Last week we met, Greg from Illinois, the man we have dubbed "The Brews Traveler."  Greg has visited over 1100 breweries across the United States, and has more in his sights.  Other breweries here in Texas have seen and met him, and everyone is eager to share a beer with such a well traveled enthusiast.

During his visit, Greg offered us a beer that we cannot find in Texas.  It was a delicious canned sour that delighted the tastebuds.  As we sat an enjoyed a beer with Greg he shared with us stories of the successes of his family, and smiled as he told us about his grandchildren.  It was an enjoyable conversation over the most social of drinks, beer.  As he left Greg said, "See you next year."  We have no doubt that was a true statement.  Cheers, Greg.  Thanks for stopping by.