It's Best to Be Thorough

An old Czech Proverb says, "A fine beer may be judged with only one sip," and we couldn't agree more.  Upon the first sip of a SBC beer we hope that you'll be hooked all the way to the bottom of our 22 oz. bombers.  At the bottom of our bottles lies a layer of yeast.  This is because our beers are unfiltered and bottled conditioned.  While harmless to consume, the yeast does cloud the beer so it is best to leave it undisturbed during the pour.

Bottle conditioning is the process of adding sugar to the beer after fermentation and during bottling.  Because our beer is unfiltered, a portion of the yeast remains suspended in the body of the beer.  When sugar is added to the beer it begins another fermentation, and because the beer is capped the carbon dioxide (a byproduct of fermentation) dissolves back into the beer causing natural carbonation.

We then choose to allow our beer to condition, or age, for an additional two weeks to allow the remaining yeast to settle at the bottom of the bottle.  This process is slower than the modern technique of forcing carbon dioxide into the beer.  Both techniques make for great beer, but we have found that upon thorough examination, we prefer the profile and body of our beers when bottle conditioned.

The rest of the Czech Proverb says, "A fine beer may be judged with one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure."  Here at Seguin Brewing Company, we are steeped in thoroughness.  Cheers.