First Quarter Learnings

As we near the close of the first quarter of 2015 and four full months of production (because well let's face it, November barely counts) we have learned a great deal about ourselves, our fans, and our industry.  One thing we have certainly learned is that we have a loyal fans and we are grateful for that support.  Your purchase of our beer allows us to continue forward.

We have also learned that this business is a ton of fun.  We have enjoyed this start even through the challenges and there have been challenges.  These hurdles have taught us that we are not perfect and we have more improving to do.  We are staying focused on bringing quality handcrafted beer to Seguin and its surrounding areas while we work to meet increasing demands.

We have two great events coming up on Friday and Sunday.  We hope to meet some of our loyal followers at either or both events, and hopefully we can gain some new friends.  Look for some announcements in the next coming months on the release of Lake Breeze Summer Blonde, and perhaps some new packaging options.  In the meantime, get yourself ready for some delicious 9-Pin Kolsch, named for the German tradition of Ninepins bowling, which we discovered is only still played here in Central Texas within Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe Counties.  As always, drink local and drink craft.  Cheers to fun first quarter.