Freedom Fiesta

During our start-up and planning phase, we tried to think of beers that we could make with Seguin in mind.  Not all of our beers are specifically about Seguin, but Freedom Fiesta Ale was designed to be an enjoyable beer during the hot 4th of July celebrations that also tells the story of how Seguin celebrates the 4th like no other town in Texas.  The side panel of the Freedom Fiesta label proudly boasts about our town's 4th festivities.  If only the label had more room to share.

Freedom Fiesta Ale is a Vienna style beer that is light-amber in color, and has a smooth, malty flavor with very subtle hints of fruitiness brought forward by the noble German hops and yeast we use.  The body of the beer is not heavy, and the alcohol content is kept lower at 5.2 abv, keeping this beer very sessionable for the Texas summer.

We are only producing this beer one time this year as a limited July seasonal, and it will be out in 4-packs of 12 ounce bottles.  So once it is gone, it is gone until next year.

This has been one of our favorite beers to make and test.  Look for it at Freedom Fiesta and local bars, restaurants, grocery, convenience, and liquor stores over the next several weeks, but get it while it lasts.

The real thank you and appreciation goes out to the veterans and active duty men and women who have served and still serve to protect our country and its freedoms.  These men and women allow us to wake up everyday and work in the beer business.  Thank you for your service.  We hope that everyone will enjoy our Freedom Fiesta Ale and our other beers during the 4th of July festivities.  Be safe for the upcoming celebrations and always designate a driver.  Drink local, drink craft.