First Quarter Learnings

As we near the close of the first quarter of 2015 and four full months of production (because well let's face it, November barely counts) we have learned a great deal about ourselves, our fans, and our industry.  One thing we have certainly learned is that we have a loyal fans and we are grateful for that support.  Your purchase of our beer allows us to continue forward.

We have also learned that this business is a ton of fun.  We have enjoyed this start even through the challenges and there have been challenges.  These hurdles have taught us that we are not perfect and we have more improving to do.  We are staying focused on bringing quality handcrafted beer to Seguin and its surrounding areas while we work to meet increasing demands.

We have two great events coming up on Friday and Sunday.  We hope to meet some of our loyal followers at either or both events, and hopefully we can gain some new friends.  Look for some announcements in the next coming months on the release of Lake Breeze Summer Blonde, and perhaps some new packaging options.  In the meantime, get yourself ready for some delicious 9-Pin Kolsch, named for the German tradition of Ninepins bowling, which we discovered is only still played here in Central Texas within Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe Counties.  As always, drink local and drink craft.  Cheers to fun first quarter.

SBC Marching Home

After spending some time expanding SBC into Austin with door to door sales and tasting events, we are excited to announce some upcoming events in Seguin for the month of March.  

Saturday, March 21 we will be at the beautiful and historic Texas Theater for Artfest.  Artfest is a fundraiser benefiting the local arts and the renovation of the Klein Opera House, the new home of the Seguin Art League.  A portion of SBC's proceeds from the event will be donated back to the Artfest.  Look for more information and advertising in early March. 

Friday, March 27 from 5-8 we will be celebrating San Antonio Beer Week, which is a salute to craft beer and a week long celebration of the growing craft community in the greater San Antonio metro area.  We will be celebrating in conjunction with Seguin Power Plant by sampling both the Honey Pecan and Black Rye and releasing our 9-Pin Kolsch.  Look for more advertisements in early March.

Our first three months have been an exciting time filled with hard work and great fun.  We sincerely thank everyone who is continuing to support us and spreading the good word.  As always we remind you to support your local brewers.  Drink local, drink craft.  Cheers.

The Brews Traveler

Craft beer has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together in good spirit in a way I haven't otherwise seen.  Last week we met, Greg from Illinois, the man we have dubbed "The Brews Traveler."  Greg has visited over 1100 breweries across the United States, and has more in his sights.  Other breweries here in Texas have seen and met him, and everyone is eager to share a beer with such a well traveled enthusiast.

During his visit, Greg offered us a beer that we cannot find in Texas.  It was a delicious canned sour that delighted the tastebuds.  As we sat an enjoyed a beer with Greg he shared with us stories of the successes of his family, and smiled as he told us about his grandchildren.  It was an enjoyable conversation over the most social of drinks, beer.  As he left Greg said, "See you next year."  We have no doubt that was a true statement.  Cheers, Greg.  Thanks for stopping by.

It's Best to Be Thorough

An old Czech Proverb says, "A fine beer may be judged with only one sip," and we couldn't agree more.  Upon the first sip of a SBC beer we hope that you'll be hooked all the way to the bottom of our 22 oz. bombers.  At the bottom of our bottles lies a layer of yeast.  This is because our beers are unfiltered and bottled conditioned.  While harmless to consume, the yeast does cloud the beer so it is best to leave it undisturbed during the pour.

Bottle conditioning is the process of adding sugar to the beer after fermentation and during bottling.  Because our beer is unfiltered, a portion of the yeast remains suspended in the body of the beer.  When sugar is added to the beer it begins another fermentation, and because the beer is capped the carbon dioxide (a byproduct of fermentation) dissolves back into the beer causing natural carbonation.

We then choose to allow our beer to condition, or age, for an additional two weeks to allow the remaining yeast to settle at the bottom of the bottle.  This process is slower than the modern technique of forcing carbon dioxide into the beer.  Both techniques make for great beer, but we have found that upon thorough examination, we prefer the profile and body of our beers when bottle conditioned.

The rest of the Czech Proverb says, "A fine beer may be judged with one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure."  Here at Seguin Brewing Company, we are steeped in thoroughness.  Cheers.

999 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Keeping the hand in craft beer, last week we set out on a three day process to prep and hand bottle, cap, and label over 1,000 Honey Pecan bombers.  It was a grind of three day period fraught with learning curve complications and process challenges that were all met with determination and cheer because, frankly, we're making beer.  What is more cheerful than that?  Well, perhaps consuming delicious beer.

We are continuing to ramp up production to meet demand, and will continue to adapt as demand grows.  Keep checking Facebook and our website for new locations selling Honey Pecan #5 over the next few months.  Thank you for supporting your local brewery and always remember to drink local, drink craft.  Cheers.