From the Brewery


Honey Pecan #5

ABV: 6.6

IBU: 23

SRM: 9

Not too sweet and not too nutty, our flagship beer is a well balanced, full bodied cream ale. Its malt forward flavor is met with a subtle honey aroma and a smooth praline-like finish.

9-Pin Kolsch

ABV: 6.8

IBU: 24

SRM: 7

This German-inspired Kolsch is crafted with Pilsner and Munich malts and balanced with noble hops. We intentionally designed this beer to be bigger and bolder than the typical style to enhance the malt flavors and make a clean, crisp, enjoyable German style beer.

Lake Breeze Blonde

ABV: 5.9

IBU: 23

SRM: 4

Bordering on a Pale Ale, This straw-colored blonde is a perfect tribute to the south Texas weather as it is cold and refreshing on a hot day. Its well balanced body presents a malt forward profile followed by a floral hop finish.


ABV: 6.3

IBU: 32

SRM: 13

This delicious and aromatic Oktoberfest is a fall seasonal for distribution. This beer moves fast for us; get it while you can. Bready and malty, this is a Texas take on the classic Bavarian fall special.

Black Rye IPA

ABV: 7.9

IBU: 61

SRM: 39

This robust Black IPA is lead by hints of coffee and hopped four times during the boil. Chocolate and flaked rye create a silky smooth mouth feel making this big ale deceptively drinkable. Bombers and draft available in taproom and limited draft distribution.

Pale Dorado

ABV: 4.9

IBU: 45

SRM: 5

Hopped three times with El Dorado hops, the base Pale Ale makes an easy singularly hopped ale with notes of grapefruit and citrus. We then split a portion of the batch and dry-hopped with Chinook which adds a layer of citrus notes and rounds this beer out with more depth. This Pale Ale is an easy drinking, lower abv beer with great hop notes without extreme bitterness.


ABV: 8.0

IBU: 21

SRM: 19

This Texas take on a Munich-style Bock beer is made with a rich and bold malt forward profile, but is well balanced with German noble hops. We added a touch of chocolate malt to provide color, depth, and complexity to create a new spin on a smooth, old-world, big Bock beer.

Pog Mo Thoin Irish Dry Stout

ABV: 5.5

IBU: 30

SRM: 40

We brewed this close to the classic Irish Dry style with UK grown malts and then put it on nitro. It's light to medium body is met with a creamy tan-colored head and leads with dry roasted notes and hints of coffee. Available in the taproom and limited distribution in draft only.

Face Plant IPA

ABV: 5.0

IBU: 50

SRM: 3

Brewed to be a refreshing session IPA, Face Plant uses a combination of Amarillo and Cascade hops to create wonderful citrus and lemongrass notes without the lingering bitterness. Available in the taproom and limited draft distribution.

Hazelnut Coffee Rye

ABV: 7.9

IBU: 61

SRM: 39

Made in collaboration with Seguin Coffee Company, we separate a determined number gallons of our Black Rye IPA into a separate fermenter before kegging. The beer will sit in the fermenter for 24 hours with coarsely ground Hazelnut coffee steeping in a method we call dry-beaning (because its similar to dry hopping). We then remove the grounds and keg the beer as normal. The Hazelnut coffee adds melow notes of hazelnut, pronounces the coffee notes and subdues the aromas of the hops creating a dark and wonderful spiced beer. Available in the taproom only and once it runs out, its out.